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Peak1 Stairs & Woodworking

5243 So. Rio Grande Street
Unit A
Littleton, Colorado 80120
Phone: 303-847-2625
Fax: 303-660-6643

Peak1 Stairs & Woodworking is a stair and woodworking company, located in Littleton, Colorado, with a combined experience in excess of one hundred years. Peak1 Stairs& Woodworking provides custom stair solutions for home owners and builders in North America. We design and build hardwood and carpet grade stairs for single family homes, custom homes, town homes, multi-family units, and condominiums along with commercial and industrial buildings.

As a premier staircase manufacturer, quality craftsmanship gives Peak1 Stairs & Woodworking a competitive edge with a noticeable difference. Peak1 Stairs & Woodworking selects superior products, provides your job on time and meets all current building codes. Our craftmanship and your satisfaction are guaranteed.

Hardwood and Carpet Grade Stairs:

Supported and free standing options.

Custom built to your dimensions.

Choice of woods for the exposed surfaces of the stringers,         treads and risers.

All closed stringers are routed. Each closed side riser and  tread is wedged, glued and blocked for squeak free  preformance.

A wide variety of options:

  Open or Closed sides

  Open or closed risers

  Starting steps

  Straight rails

  Curved Rails

  Post to post handrail systems

  Over the post handrail systems

Design availability and on site measurements to insure proper  rise, run, and headroom to work with the existig building codes. We are happy to meet with your designer and/or builder  to ensurethe coordination of your project.

Complete drawings upon request.

Custom or stock handrails, balusters, and newel posts, according to your design and tastes.

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